The Attributes tab is exclusively for the generative art engine. In this tab you'll have the capability to manage and fine-tune settings related to your artwork's attributes and the traits within each attribute. Let's delve into the features this tab offers.

Organizing Layers

Effortlessly rearrange layers in your preferred order by utilizing the drag-and-drop feature. We also recommend generating a few random assets to confirm the seamless operation of the layers.


NFT attribute and trait rarities are a key aspect of the digital collectible world, adding a unique layer of value and intrigue to each token. These rarities dictate the scarcity of specific attributes or traits within an NFT collection, making certain tokens more sought-after than others. This concept of rarity not only fuels the excitement and engagement of collectors but also drives the economic model of many NFT projects. The thrill of unearthing a rare trait in an NFT is akin to finding a rare trading card or a unique piece of art, making it a popular and integral part of the NFT experience.

Attribute Rarities

Attribute rarity refers to the rarity of an entire attribute itself. For example, we may want only want a 40% chance that our generated arts will have "Accessories", you'll be able to adjust that rarity from the edit attribute drop down and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

Trait Rarities

Trait rarities on the other hand refer to the specific traits within a given attribute. You'll be able to fine tune the rarities here either from the edit attribute drop down or simply from the sliders located on each trait card.

Note: Your trait rarity is just the rarity when the attribute exists.

Changing Attribute Name

Changing an attribute name effects the naming on your metadata, so please double check that attributes and traits are named as you want them to. To edit attribute name, select Edit Attribute Name on the edit attribute drop down or simply click on the attribute name to rename.

Note: Traits by default just take the name of the file as it's name.

Regenerating your preview

Remember that settings like changing rarities, reorganizing layer orders and changing attribute naming effect the previously generated set of artworks. You may have noticed at the bottom right corner a CTA to regenerate a set of new artworks given the new settings you have made.

Important: Remember to regenerate the collection or else your new settings will not reflect.

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