Step 1 - Pick a Token Set

Remember Token Sets? This is the link between your contract and the generated arts you created from the Art Generation step.

Step 2 - Deploy To Testnet

Note: You will need to pay gas to deploy your contract. To get some Goerli ETH, try visiting faucets like this.

Testnet and Goerli are both types of Ethereum test networks, which are essentially "playgrounds" for developers. They are used for testing and experimentation without using real money or affecting the main Ethereum network, also known as the Mainnet.

Goerli: This is a specific type of Ethereum Testnet. It's a cross-client testnet, meaning it's compatible with different Ethereum clients (software implementations).

Step 3 - Test your Contract

After deploying your contract to the Testnet, it's crucial to verify that the contract and minting process function as anticipated. This step provides an opportunity to simulate a live deployment of your contract and test it under the conditions of your specific requirements.

Congratulations on reaching this stage! It signifies that you've thoroughly tested your contract on the Testnet and are now prepared to unveil your digital collection to the world. We invite you to share your creations with us on our Discord or by tagging us on Twitter. We take great pleasure in supporting creators like you!

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