Artwork & Token Set


The 'Artwork & Token Set' tab will serve as your primary interface for directing your smart contract to the appropriate TokenURI.

In essence, the TokenURI is a unique identifier that points to the metadata of your digital asset on the blockchain. This metadata includes crucial information about your asset, such as its name, description, and the location of its image file. By managing the TokenURI, you're essentially controlling what information your smart contract refers to when interacting with your digital asset.

Reveal Artwork

Remember about pre-reveals? If you've chosen to incorporate a pre-reveal phase, your smart contract's TokenURI will initially point to a set of metadata that only includes pre-reveal information. The actual reveal happens when you update the baseURI of the contract to point to the fully formed metadata created on the token set, not just the pre-reveal data. This shift can be easily initiated by clicking the 'Reveal' button. This process essentially transitions your digital asset from a state of mystery to full disclosure, unveiling its unique attributes to the world.

Note Although it is possible to change baseURIs (assuming it hasn't been locked by you) it is still recommended that you don't change after it's been deployed. So make sure the token set is the correct one.

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