Sales & Airdrop


The Sales & Airdrop tab is your command center for managing the sale of your digital collectible, housing the majority of the tools and functionalities you'll need for a smooth and successful launch.

Current Sale

The 'Current Sale' section provides a read-only display of the number of tokens from your collection that have been purchased. The data may take a moment to appear, as it is retrieved directly from the blockchain, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Contract Balance

The 'Contract Balance' refers to the amount of Ether (or other cryptocurrency) that is currently held within the smart contract. This balance accumulates as users interact with the contract, typically through purchasing your digital collectible.


The 'Withdraw' function is a feature that exists on the blockchain. This means that to use it, you'll need to pay a small fee, known as a transaction fee.

Remember the Revenue Split we defined earlier? The withdraw function here will divide the total contract balance amongst the designated revenue split and percentage.

Sale Phase

Editing and adding sale phases does not require you to re-deploy a contract

If you aren't familiar with sale phases and the construction of one, take a read here.

Switching Phases

To initiate a change in sale phase, simply click the change sale phase button.

If you are switching from a public sale, the process on the contract will be to pause the public sale first and then you'd be able to select which phases to activate.

Editing a sale phase

If you are editing a non-public sale phase, you'll be able to configure the mint price, max mint per wallet and max supply of the sale phase. Additionally, you'll be able to make adjustments to the allowlist as well.

Pause sale

To pause a phase and prevent people from minting further tokens, simply click the Pause button.

Token Airdrop

Tip: Airdropping allows you to bypass all minting restrictions (like max per wallet and the CRFTD fees won't be applied). It also works even if the sale is closed. You only have to pay for gas.

Need to gift some tokens to yourself/your team? Want to send some tokens for free to prominent members of your community? The Airdrop feature will let you do this.

You can airdrop to a single wallet, or you can configure a CSV list to bulk airdrop to multiple addresses. Just specify the number of tokens, the sale phase to debit from, and the wallet address(es), and then click Airdrop. This will require you to pay gas to mint the tokens to the specified wallet

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