Confirm & Upload


We are so close to closing out the first of three steps to Creator Studio. By now, you should have checked that every asset in the Preview tab looks perfect. The only thing left for us to do is to generate the physical artwork and upload to IPFS.

  1. Generate Physical Artwork

    The process of generating the tangible artwork involves our backend system meticulously layering each trait atop the other on a canvas, culminating in the creation of your unique token asset. Given the intricacy of this operation, which is influenced by the number of traits, attributes, and the overall collection size, this step may require a substantial amount of time to ensure precision and quality.

  2. Upload to IPFS

    The act of uploading the generated images to IPFS via NFTStorage is a crucial step in the creation of your digital collectibles. This process involves securely transferring each unique token asset to a decentralized storage network, ensuring its permanence and accessibility. Given the importance of this operation and the varying size and complexity of the collections, this step may take some time as well.

What is a pre-reveal asset?

A pre-reveal in the context of NFTs refers to the period of time when the NFTs are sold, but the specific traits or characteristics of each NFT are not yet known to the buyers. During this phase, buyers purchase the NFTs without knowing exactly what they're getting. The unique traits of each NFT, such as its appearance or attributes, are revealed at a later date, hence the term "pre-reveal".

Here's why pre-reveals are popular:

  1. Excitement and Anticipation: The suspense of not knowing what specific NFT you've bought adds an element of surprise and excitement. It's similar to opening a pack of collectible cards or a mystery box - you know you're getting something, but you don't know exactly what it is until you open it.

  2. Fairness: In some collections, certain traits or attributes might be more desirable than others. By using a pre-reveal, every buyer has an equal chance of getting a highly desirable NFT, since no one knows what they're getting until the reveal happens.

  3. Engagement: Pre-reveals can create a buzz in the community as people speculate about what traits their NFTs might have. This can lead to increased engagement and interaction within the community.

  4. Marketing Strategy: Pre-reveals can also be a clever marketing strategy. The anticipation leading up to the reveal can generate hype and attract attention to the project.

In summary, a pre-reveal is a strategy used in NFT sales that adds an element of surprise, fairness, and engagement, making the whole process more exciting for the buyers.

Name format is exactly the same as described here. You can also specify a pre-reveal description.

Note: All minted NFTs will be shown the same pre-reveal asset until you reveal it. Your pre-reveal asset will also be uploaded to IPFS via NFTStorage.

Double check your work

My elementary teacher taught me to always double check my work and now I'm passing that wisdom on to you. In order to generate and upload your assets, you will be prompted to double check a series of configurations.

In order to proceed, simply click on the checkbox to confirm you've double checked that section.

Token Sets?

Token sets are our way of "storing" the masterpiece of a collection you've uploaded. You'll notice it's got an IPFS Link.

If you copy that IPFS link and remove the ipfs:// part you'll now have the metadata CID at hand. Now go ahead and try typing{YOUR_METADATA_CID} and you'll be able to see your collection's metadata on IPFS. Awesome right?

This TokenURI is essentially the key thing we've been working towards. It serves as a unique identifier, guiding the smart contract to the precise location of your collectible's metadata on the decentralized network. The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility - you're not confined to a single token set. You can create multiple versions and effortlessly update your smart contract's URI to point to the set of your choosing. This adaptability is a testament to the dynamic nature of the decentralized world..


Congrats on making it this far. You've not only created a collection of beautiful artwork, you've generated and uploaded it. You are now ready to create the smart contract for your digital collectible. I promise, it'll be just as easy if not easier! See ya in the next section 😎

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