The Preview tab serves as your visual guide, allowing you to explore every potential piece in your collection and adjust the quantity of collectibles as desired. It's your touchstone for any configuration changes that might impact your artworks, so remember to revisit it regularly to ensure your vision is being accurately represented.

Updating collection size

Specify your preferred collection size and refresh the preview to reflect this new quantity by clicking on the checkmark. This allows you to visualize your collection at its intended scale.

Regenerating a specific token

You have the ability to regenerate a specific token, which will result in a new, randomly generated artwork. This new piece will be unique and won't duplicate any other existing tokens in your collection. Simply tap on the Regenerate Token button.

Naming format for your collection

You might have noticed different collections sometimes have different naming formats. For example, Azuki's collection follows a format like Azuki #1 where as Bored Ape Yacht Club's collection follows a format that just includes a number 1 .

This is simply a change in the name property found in the NFT's metadata. Clicking Edit Token Name will allow you to edit the naming format you want for your collection.

Note that the {{id}} represents the token's identifier and {{collection}} is just the collection name you had previously set.

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