Sale Phases & Pricing


The 'Sale Phase & Pricing' tab is your control center for orchestrating the sale of your digital collectibles. It allows you to structure your sale into distinct phases, each with its own unique parameters. A public sale is a requisite part of this process, ensuring a fair and open opportunity for potential buyers.

Public Sale

Public sales are designed with simplicity in mind. They include a purchase limit per customer, ensuring that no single buyer can acquire more than a specified number of NFTs. Additionally, you can set a price for each NFT during the public sale.

Beyond this, you have the freedom to design as many additional sale phases tailored to your specific needs and strategy.

Adding a sale phase

Before diving into the details, let's explore why sale phases are popular.

Sale phases have become a popular strategy in NFT mints due to their ability to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. By structuring the sale into different phases, creators can offer early access or special pricing to certain groups, such as community members or early supporters. This not only rewards loyal followers, but also generates buzz and anticipation around the sale. Furthermore, phased sales can help manage demand, preventing network congestion and ensuring a smoother minting process for all participants.

To get started with a new sale phase simply click add a new sale phase

Phase Name

The name of your sale phase. Some examples could be "Allowlist Phase" or "VIP". Whatever makes sense to you and your community.

Max mint per wallet

This is the maximum number of digital collectibles one user can obtain in during this sale phase.

Phase max supply

This represents the maximum number of digital collectibles available for purchase during this phase. If the demand exceeds this allocated supply, the sale becomes a first-come, first-serve event up until the designated amount.


Starting sale phase

Your selection here will determine which sale phase is active upon your smart contract deployment. You'll have the option to select from public sale, paused sale and any additional sale phases you created from the step above.

Note: Paused sale just means the sale wont be active for anyone upon deployment.

Buyer Preview

Creator Studio is entirely free for creators, with fees collected only from minters. CRFTD charges a flat fee of 0.00089 ETH for each mint. Additionally, if the mint price per NFT exceeds 0.05 ETH, an extra 3% service fee will be applied to the buyer. Below is a preview of the costs for your buyers.

Example 1:

Public sale price is 0.1 ETH. Because the price exceeds 0.05 ETH there is a 3% fee of .003 ETH. Additionally there is the flat fee of 0.00089 ETH.

Example 2:

VIP sale price is 0.05 ETH. Because the price does not exceed 0.05 ETH there is no additional service fee. However, there is still the flat fee of 0.00089 ETH.

This approach aligns with our core ethos of empowering creators while still being able to sustain and continue to build more innovative solutions for you.

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