When crafting the traits for your collection, you might encounter instances where certain traits don't blend harmoniously with others. In such scenarios, the 'Rules' tab becomes your go-to tool.

Rules are designed to handle simple and direct pairing necessities. They are particularly useful when you need a select group of attributes to interact in a specific manner.

With that said, let’s take a deep dive into rules! 🎉

Doesn’t Mix With

Let’s begin with the most straightforward rule. Doesn’t mix with prevents a selected trait from ever appearing with another selected trait. This rule is bidirectional - that means it works both ways!


Problem: In the Potato Demo collection, we have a cyclops eye and some accessories meant for two eyed beings. It sure don't look good 😖

To make sure our tokens look good, we don’t want the cyclops eyes to ever mix with the accessories for two eyed beings. Time to make a rule!

Rule: Cyclops doesn’t mix with Monocle, Pirate-eyepatch, Snorkle-Mask, Goggles, and Glasses.

Result: Whenever Cyclops appears in a token, Monocle, Pirate-eyepatch, Snorkle-Mask, Goggles, and Glasses will never appear in that token.

Likewise, whenever Monocle, Pirate-eyepatch, Snorkle-Mask, Goggles, and Glasses appears, Cyclops eye will never appear.

Only Mixes With

Our next rule is a little more tricky. Only mixes with works when you would like a selected trait only to appear when another selected trait appears.

The only mixes with rule is unidirectional, and only works one way - from left to right! So, just because trait x only mixes with trait y, that doesn’t mean that y only mixes with trait x. Any other trait options in your trait pool can still mix with y.


Problem: Let's say now we got some traits we'd want to match with directionally. Let's take Bikini and Swimming Trunks for example, in this particular beach there is a dress code. But there is no limit to if Potatos wanna wear their Bikini or Swim Trunks to other places. Therefore, this directional rule is perfect for this scenario.

Rule: Beach Background only mixes with Bikini and Swimming-Trunks

Result: Whenever Beach appears in a token, it will be paired with Bikini or Swimming-Trunks.

However, whenever Bikini or Swimming-Trunks appears in a token, it doesn’t always need to be paired with Beach Background. It can still appear at a different background!

Always Pairs With

Always pairs with is a stricter version of only mixes with. This rule ensures that traits always appear together, and never separate. You can think of it as kind of the opposite of our doesn’t mix with rule.

Since the always pairs with rule works both ways, it can be used to group multiple traits from different attributes together. For example:

  • Trait x always pairs with trait y

  • Trait y always pairs with trait z

  • Traits x, y & z will always appear together

Problem: As we are working with our Potato Demo tokens, we finally decide that we want something like our previous rule, only more strict. We only want to see Bikini and Swimming-Trunks when we have a Beach Background.

Rule: Bikini and Swimming-Trunks always pairs with Beach Background.

Result: Whenever a Beach Background appears, the clothes will be Bikini or Swimming-Trunk, and nothing else.

Likewise, No other clothes besides Bikini and Swimming-Trunks will be paired with Beach backgrounds.

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