Custom Tokens


1 of 1s, or unique tokens, hold a special place in generative Profile Picture (PFP) NFT collections. These are singular, non-reproducible pieces that stand out from the rest of the collection due to their exclusive attributes or traits. The allure of 1 of 1s lies in their rarity and exclusivity - owning a 1 of 1 means possessing something truly unique in the entire collection. This exclusivity often translates into higher value and desirability in the market. For creators, 1 of 1s allow them to showcase their creativity and innovation, making their collections more diverse and appealing. In this section, you'll be able to upload individual masterpieces that will then be the most sought after piece in your collection

Override name on metadata?

Remember when we talked about naming format of collections? Well your 1 of 1's are so special they get to override that naming format if you want them to. When the override toggle is selected, the naming conventions for this specific token will deviate from the standard format. Instead, the token's name will be displayed as indicated in the Name field.


Custom tokens stand apart from the conventional attribute and trait composition; they represent unique pieces in their own right. However, you do have the flexibility to assign descriptive attributes and traits to these tokens. This practice enhances the ease of filtering on secondary markets, thereby increasing the token's visibility and potential value.

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