Soul-bound Tokens

Soul bound tokens are a unique concept in the world of NFTs, offering a new level of utility and value to digital assets. Essentially, these tokens are tied or "bound" to a specific wallet address, meaning they cannot be transferred or sold to another wallet. This feature can be particularly useful for loyalty programs or exclusive membership access, where the token serves as a proof of ownership or membership that is non-transferable.

The practicality of soul bound tokens lies in their ability to create a more personalized and secure connection between the token and its owner. They can serve as digital badges of honor, proof of participation, or even as tickets to exclusive events or experiences.

The admin wallet, in this context, is the wallet address that has the authority to issue, manage, and control these soul bound tokens. It's typically controlled by the organization or individual who creates the tokens.

Burnable Tokens

The burn feature enables a holder to remove their token from circulation while reducing the supply on the contract. If you just transfer a token to a burn address without the burn function, the total supply on the contract won't change, that token will just no longer be tradeable.

Note: The toggle makes it so that the "burn" function on the contract can be called. Builders still have to build something that makes use of the burn mechanism.

Credit Card Payment

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Non-custodial Staking

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Burn to Mint

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